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Rob Gronkowski elbows Bills CB in the helmet, drives head into turf (VIDEO)

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski delivered a cheap shot to a Bills cornerback during Sunday’s game, and should consider himself very fortunate that he was not ejected for it.

It happened when Tre’Davious White intercepted a pass in the fourth quarter of the game, and Gronk, for some reason, dived at the Bills cornerback while he was on the ground. Gronk intentionally led with his elbow and hit White right in the back of his helmet — driving his head into the turf.

White was clearly feeling the effects of the hit afterward, as he was seen taking off his helmet with his eyes closed, and was then helped to the locker room with a trainer under each arm.

The Patriots tight end was penalized for the cheap shot, but was not ejected from the game. He may be hearing from the league office in the near future, though, and might even get hit with a suspension. There was no need for that type of reckless behavior, which could’ve seriously injured White.