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Rob Gronkowski feels slighted by Bills for passing on drafting him, sticks it to them

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski could’ve potentially began his career playing for his hometown team, but the Bills passed on taking him in the second round of the 2010 draft, instead electing to select defensive tackle Torell Troup with the 41st overall pick. The Patriots drafted Gronk with the pick that followed, and the rest is history.

Gronkowski clearly hasn’t forgotten about it, though.

The Patriots tight end has had the luxury of catching passes from Tom Brady — one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time — and has also reaped the benefits from being coached by Bill Belichick. Still, he hasn’t forgotten about the Bills snubbing him, which is clear in looking at his production in games against them. Gronk has hauled in 98 catches for 1,027 yards (12 touchdowns) in only 13 contests during his career, which is pretty remarkable.

The Patriots tight end was asked about why he’s played so well against the Bills during his career — after hauling in five catches for 67 yards (one touchdown) in Sunday’s game — and he sarcastically apologized to his hometown team for going off against them, which he did with a laugh.

“Uhh, sorry to them for that,” Gronk said, via a video posted by New England Sports Network.

He continued:

“It’s cool when your hometown team passed on you twice in that draft,” Gronkowski said. “You kind of remember it still. No lie, I remember it every single time I play them.”

Gronk clearly still has a bone to pick with the Bills for snubbing him — a decision they’ll likely be regretting for as long as he plays for the Patriots.