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Rob Gronkowski throws beer in WWE star’s face (Video)

Tuesday’s edition of WWE SmackDown took place in Boston, so of course Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski was in attendance for the big event.

Whether it’s a NASCAR race, a club promo or, in this case, wrestling, Gronk just finds himself in the middle of everything, as he’s the life of the party. So it was no surprise when he got into it with a wrestler during SmackDown.

It happened when Jinder Mahal slid out of the ring during his match, after hearing it from Gronk. Mahal went over and confronted Gronk, which caused the two to have some words, and then Gronk threw a beer in his face.

Mahal had a great reaction, too, acting like it was acid rain that was flung in his face. Come on, man, we’ve all been there, it doesn’t burn that bad.