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Rob Gronkowski’s cryptic tweet gives fuel to retirement rumors

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has played in the NFL for eight seasons, and it’s currently unclear if he’ll return for a ninth one.

Gronkowski has battled a number of injuries over the past few years, and he could potentially pursue a career in the WWE, or possibly even on the big screen as an actor.

Gronk has yet to definitively state whether or not he’ll return next season, but he did post a cryptic tweet about “destiny” on Saturday, which resulted in social media buzzing with talk of his potential retirement.

It’s possible that Gronkowski is hinting at a career outside of football, or he could just be trolling all of us by giving fuel to the rumors.

Still, the Patriots themselves may not even know what Gronk plans to do at the current time, but he does have a roster bonus in his contract for the 2018 season, so they may look for an answer sooner than later.