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Robert Alford admits he couldn’t believe Julian Edelman made catch

Julian Edelman’s unreal catch in the Super Bowl didn’t just blow the minds of millions of people watching on TV. It also blew some of the players’ minds as well, including one of the Atlanta Falcons defensive backs involved in the play.

Robert Alford, who initially tipped the pass that was intended for Edelman, thought one of his teammates was going to make the play, not the New England Patriots wide receiver.

“I couldn’t believe that he caught it,” Alford said, via Michael David Smith of Pro Football talk.

“It was a nice bat by me, I hit the ground, I was trying with everything in my will to get back up and at least make a play on it,” Alford said. “I thought that Rico or one of my brothers would get it, but they all were battling for it and Edelman came down with it.”

For what it’s worth, Atlanta’s defenders did everything they could to stop Edelman from making that catch, but it was just a good play by him to stay with it and bring it in.