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Royals GM Dayton Moore made an odd connection in speaking about Danny Duffy’s DUI

In the wake of Danny Duffy’s DUI arrest, Royals general manager Dayton Moore was asked by reporters about how the team will be disciplining the pitcher down the road, as well as how to possibly handle other incidents that may pop up.

Moore seemed to be well-prepared for the questions on Tuesday, and had a long response ready to go.

The thing is that it was a bit strong, and made connections between pornography, domestic violence and managing relationships.

Here’s what Moore had to say.

“We’ve done a lot of leadership stuff with our players. Very transparent about things that happen in our game, not only with drugs and alcohol. We talk about pornography, and the effects of what that does to the minds of players and the distractions, and how that leads to abuse of—domestic abuse—to abuse of women. How it impacts relationships—we talk about a lot of things. And I don’t mind sharing with you.”

Having the front office and coaching staff discuss pornography with its players? Sure, organizations can do whatever they want, given that they’re paying these guys, but yeah, that’s just weird.