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Russell Westbrook doesn’t ‘give a f-ck’ about his stat line

Russell Westbrook wants the world to know that he doesn’t care about his stats, but does anyone believe him?

A frustrated Westbrook spoke to the media after Wednesday’s Game 2 loss, and said recording a triple-double isn’t important to him, because the team lost.

His play on the court said otherwise.

Westbrook set a record for shots attempted in the fourth quarter, with 18, and made only four of them. He’s carried his team to victory many times this season, but on this night, with his team having a double-digit lead for a good chunk of the second half, his hero-ball may have been too much to overcome. Watching the lead slip away was tough to watch, with Westbrook taking ill-advised contested shots from the perimeter on the regular.

Back to his comments after the game. Westbrook spoke to the media, and when asked about his stat line, he had this to say:

“I don’t give a f— about my line. We lost.”

Westbrook might win the MVP award, but on this night, his selfish play really hurt his team. Taking 43 shots in a playoff game isn’t exactly a winning formula.