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Indoor Football League coach goes on epic, profanity-laced halftime rant in locker room (VIDEO)

The Salt Lake Screaming Eagles played their first game in franchise history on Thursday night, and it was quite the scene.

The game against the Nebraska Danger took place at the Maverik Center, and featured fans storming the field in the first quarter (!) of the game, when the Screaming Eagles scored a touchdown to cut their opponent’s lead to 14-7. Fans had actually called the plays on the drive using the team’s app, and they were proud of themselves for finding the end zone.

We were also treated to Norm Macdonald’s in-game commentary, which was pretty awful.

The most entertaining part of the game came at halftime, after the Screaming Eagles scored a touchdown to cut the lead to 35-27 heading into the break. A member of the coaching staff attempted to fire his players up in the locker room with a profanity-laced rant which included him sizing up the other team, and some keys to the second half.

[Warning: This video includes explicit language and is not safe for work.]

Unfortunately, it was all downhill after that for the Screaming Eagles, who lost the game, 78-47.

It’s safe to say this game had it all.