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Scary video shows former NFL’er Brian Price running through a glass door, wife blames CTE

Former NFL defensive tackle Brian Price didn’t have a long career in the league — playing for the Bucs in 2010-11, but this video that has recently surfaced featuring him has brought him back in the news once again.

The video shows a disgruntled yet confused Price outside of an auto parts store in Ypsilanti, Michigan, with him causing a disturbance. Police were called, and eventually, Price’s emotions got the best of him. To get his point across, he elected to run toward the store and plowed right through the glass door, which no one really expected.

You can watch the entire sequence of events in the video below.

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Price doesn’t even remember the incident, but his wife, Candice, told the hospital staff that she believed CTE was to blame.

[If you’re having trouble with the video embed, head over to ClickOnDetroit to view it.]