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Sean McVay would hire Wade Phillips to run Rams defense

Sean McVay is having a second interview for the Rams’ head coaching position. If hired, the 30-year-old would be the youngest head coach in NFL history.

It looks like McVay’s youth would be balanced out by his choice for defensive coordinator.

McVay has been the Redskins’ offensive coordinator for the last three years. He helped turn fourth-round draft pick Kirk Cousins into a serious candidate to be the Redskins’ franchise quarterback.

McVay already is the youngest coordinator in the league, according to SFGate.com, and he’s a brand name in NFL circles. His grandfather, John McVay, was hired as the 49ers’ director of player personnel by Bill Walsh in 1978 and later became the 49ers’ general manager.

John McVay was involved in all five 49ers Super Bowl titles and became a member of the team’s Hall of Fame in 2013.

It would be a better story line if Sean McVay became the 49ers’ head coach, but if the Rams hire him at least he won’t be working in his grandfather’s shadow.