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Shaun Livingston bumps heads with referee, gets ejected (VIDEO)

The Golden State Warriors have not shied away from arguing with officials during games this season, which has led to a few ejections already, the most recent of which taking place on Friday night, when Kevin Durant was forced to make an early exit for cursing out a ref.

It was Shaun Livingston’s turn to go off on an official in Sunday night’s game against the Heat, but the Warriors guard may have crossed the line a bit, as he made contact with the ref.

The incident in question took place in the second quarter of the game, when Livingston attempted a midrange jumper. He thought he got fouled on the play, but nothing was called, so he went over to referee Courtney Kirkland and gave the official a piece of his mind. Unfortunately, he bumped heads with Kirkland while doing so, which led to an automatic ejection.

It was the second ejection of Livingston’s career.