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Sidney Crosby took the Stanley Cup all over Nova Scotia (PHOTOS)

Most of the Pittsburgh Penguins players have had their time with the Stanley Cup, and it was Sidney Crosby’s turn over the weekend.

Crosby turns 30 on Monday, so he was given the Stanley Cup as part of the celebration, which is a pretty sweet gift, even if it is just a rental.

The Penguins captain returned to his native Nova Scotia with the trophy, and put it to good use. It looked pretty good on a table with some other shiny hardware — including the Conn Smythe Trophy he won back in June.

He also took the Stanley Cup to a children’s hospital and put some smiles on faces, which was a pretty great thing to do.

And he hit up a retirement home as well, covering both ends of the spectrum.

Lastly, this photo of him hoisting the Cup over his head while on a dock overlooking a lake — yeah, it’s everything.

Crosby certainly made his time with the trophy count.