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Sidney Crosby under scrutiny for cheap shot to Braden Holtby’s head (VIDEO)

Penguins captain Sidney Crosby may be the face of the NHL right now, but that doesn’t mean he’s necessarily the “Golden Boy.”

Crosby has been criticized over the years for sneaking in some cheap shots, like this one on P.K. Subban in the Stanley Cup Finals last season.

He delivered another one during Wednesday night’s game against the Capitals, which has drawn a lot of discussion, being that it was to the head of Washington’s netminder. It’s no secret that the Caps and Pens don’t like one another, which is why what Crosby did could have been intentional.

It happened when Braden Holtby skated behind his net to handle a puck in the first period of the game. Crosby skated over to challenge him, and then delivered a blow with his shoulder to Holtby’s head as the two collided.

Holtby clearly wasn’t a fan of it, that’s for sure. And we know that hitting a player in the head is against the rules, which is why Crosby could be facing discipline from the league.