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Sixers troll Cavs with funny Arthur-themed meme

Joel Embiid is the unofficial king of social media, as it relates to sports stars, and his team learns from the best.

The Sixers defeated the Cavs, 108-97, at Quicken Loans Arena on Thursday, and the team used its Twitter account to rub some salt in the wound afterward.

We all remember when the Cavs players — specifically LeBron James — were posting memes from the “Arthur” cartoon show during one of their winning streaks a few months ago. James started it all with the popular “Arthur” fist meme, and his teammates followed suit.

The Sixers used an original Arthur-themed meme the team created to announce that they defeated the Cavs after Thursday’s contest was in the books, which was pretty clever.

Subtle enough but still gets the message across — we approve.