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Soccer player tackles ball boy during match, gets red card (VIDEO)

A crazy moment took place during the FFA Cup final between Adelaide United and Sydney FC on Tuesday, when a player tackled a ball boy.

It happened late in the match, when a frustrated Adelaide side trailed 2-1, and was looking for the equalizer. Fullback Michael Marrone went to retrieve a ball that crossed the touchline, and he was looking for a quick restart to put the ball back in play. The ball boy didn’t get the ball to Marrone as quickly as he would have liked, so the fullback took matters into his own hands — running over to the poor guy and tackling him to the ground.

Marrone was immediately given a red card and ejected from the match. He will, most likely, be receiving a suspension in the near future as well, and certainly should serve one. What he did was completely unnecessary and sets a terrible example on the pitch.