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South Korean restaurant features $922 burger named after Shaun White

Fans that are in South Korea for the 2018 Winter Olympics can pay tribute to arguably the most famous snowboarder of all-time by eating a burger — but it’ll cost them a pretty penny.

A South Korean restaurant, “The Ssanta Burger”, features an expensive item on its menu, a burger that was created in honor of Shaun White. “The Flying Tomato,” as it’s called, costs $1 million KRW, which is equivalent to $922 USD.

The restaurant is located close to Bogwang Phoenix Park in the township of Bongpyeong-myeon, which plays host to the snowboarding and freestyle skiing events in the Olympics. Fans that are watching the events can stop in and enjoy the high-priced burger if they choose to.

As for White, he’s been granted the privilege to pop in and eat “The Flying Tomato” for free.