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Spike Lee helps officials do their job with funny hand motion (VIDEO)

Knicks superfan Spike Lee attempted to temporarily become an official during Wednesday’s game against the Raptors at Madison Square Garden, and it was entertaining to watch.

It happened when CJ Miles was whistled for traveling in the second half of the game — right in front of Lee, who was standing up wearing a jacket that displayed “Kaepernick” on the back of it. The official was late on the call, so Lee initially appeared to be disappointed, as he thought the whistle was for a foul call on the Knicks. But when the referee pointed to Miles, Lee was fired up and began doing the revolving hand motion to signify that traveling was called.

Lee is always fun to watch when he’s doing his thing courtside at the Garden, especially when the Knicks are winning, which they’ve continued to do so far this season.