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St. Louis TV station takes a shot at Kevin Demoff

With the Rams being front and center of the news cycle on Monday after it was announced that head coach Jeff Fisher was fired, St. Louis FOX affiliate KTVI took advantage of the opportunity to take a shot at the organization’s front office.

The city of St. Louis is still clearly upset about the relocation to Los Angeles, especially after they had submitted plans to build a new stadium to keep the team there one year ago.

As such, KTVI seized the moment after Rams chief operating officer Kevin Demoff spoke to the media about Fisher’s firing, inserting “professional liar” in the graphic to serve as his title.

So he’s not only the COO, but also a professional liar. That’s quite a title for a high-ranking sports executive.

Still, it’s understandable why both the city and its inhabitants are upset with the Rams organization, and it’s clear that the wound stemming from losing its professional football team still has not fully healed yet.