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Stephen Curry blows off reporter’s question about MVP Award

Two-Time MVP Stephen Curry had no interest in answering a question from a reporter about the prestigious award.

Curry was practicing on the court ahead of Sunday’s All-Star Game, when he was swarmed by media members. A reporter was seen asking him the following question, which he had no interest in answering.

“MVP, you or James Harden?” she asked.

Curry responded with a “ha” and then just turned around so he could walk away.

It’s hard to blame Curry, as it was a stupid question in the first place. Sure, Harden is probably the slight favorite to win the award at the current time, but Curry surely isn’t the closest player behind him. LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kevin Durant all appear to be more likely to win than Curry at this time.