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Steve Ballmer shoots down rumors of moving Clippers to Seattle

Many NBA fans agree that Seattle, once again, deserves a professional basketball team in the area, but don’t expect it to come at the expense of the Los Angeles Clippers.

While rumors had previously suggested that Clippers owner Steve Ballmer was interested in potentially moving the franchise from LA to Seattle, he made it clear to Business Insider on Thursday that it couldn’t be further from the truth.

“L.A. Clippers! Stop this we should move them. I’m not moving them,” he laughed, via BI’s Julie Bort. “I love Seattle. Seattle is wonderful. But the Clippers are an L.A. team.”

Ballmer is right about the LA market being huge, but let’s be honest — it’s still a Lakers town, and always will be. The Clippers are still without a title win in their history, and will always be the little brother in LA/Staples Center, probably as long as the two franchises reside there. That’s not going to change. Seattle, on the other hand, is attractive because the Clippers would literally be worshiped by the city and its fans. Look at the “12s” that back the Seahawks, for example. They’re some of the best and most passionate fans in all sports.

But Ballmer doesn’t look to be interested in moving, so don’t expect the team to be going anywhere anytime soon.