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Steve Kerr claims his tweet that criticized NBA was meant to be a direct message

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr saw one of his tweets about the NBA go viral late Thursday night — although that clearly was not his intention.

In it, Kerr was critical of the league regarding the way its officials allow NBA’ers to get away with traveling on certain plays, specifically ones that involves scoring. The Warriors head coach posted a reply to a video that showed James Harden clearly getting away with a travel before draining a three-pointer, and referred to the no-call as an “embarrassment,” which you can see below.

Kerr was asked about the tweet by reporters on Friday, and he claimed that he was trying to send a direct message, rather than a tweet. He also added that he was sending the tweet from his new iPhone X, so technology received some of the blame here as well.

Given what he said, it’s certainly understandable that Kerr was attempting to send a direct message, rather than a tweet. His words make more sense as a direct message, and the Warriors coach knows better than to criticize the league outright, from his own social media account nonetheless.