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Steve Smith threatens to beat up Michael Irvin for making fun of his pants (VIDEO)

NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin appeared to make a big mistake on Thursday night when he poked fun at fellow colleague Steve Smith’s pants.

Smith, who is also an analyst for NFL Network, was seen rocking a pair of plaid pants before and after Thursday night’s Dolphins-Ravens game. Irvin ribbed him for it, and that didn’t go over well with Smith.

To his credit, Irvin tried to apologize on-air for his comments — addressing Smith directly — but it was too late. Smith, with a very serious expression on his face, had this to say to his colleague.

“When I come to LA, I’m gonna whoop your a–” Smith said to Irvin.

Irvin responded with a nervous laugh, but Smith appeared to be quite serious. We would advise Irvin to vacate the Los Angeles area as quick as possible, or, at the very least, refrain from clowning on Smith regarding his on-air attire in the future.