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Steve Smith unloads on rookies who say they lost respect for him

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith doesn’t care if rookies respect him.

Fans know all about Smith. He’s a trash talker on the field, a violent, fiesty player who isn’t afraid to mix it up.

A few rookies have been taken aback by how Smith plays the game, though. Smith? He doesn’t care, per Sporting News’ Jordan Heck:

Savage, honestly.

Coach John Harbaugh felt compelled to comment on the situation as well, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer‘s Paul Dehner Jr.:

Smith? When he’s not dropping awesome quotes about his historic career, he’s shipping away parts of it to the Hall of Fame:

No doubt Smith is a dying breed. He doesn’t want to be best friends with everyone on the field. He wants to mix it up.

Rookies might not like it, but in hindsight they might appreciate the experience of coming into contact with one of the greats.