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Super Bowl scoreboard sign inspires runners at Boston Marathon

Not all of the 30,000 people who ran in Monday’s Boston Marathon are elite athletes who can run 26.2 miles in their sleep.

Most of the runners need a little boost to keep going, and those who are Patriots fans might have received that boost from this sign that a spectator held.

The photographer, Garrett Quinn, said that he ran the race for Catholic Charities. According to his profile he lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts and in his avatar he’s wearing a Red Sox cap. So chances are he’s a Patriots fan and a reminder of the Patriots’ epic comeback in Super Bowl LI gave him the juice he needed to finish the marathon.

Quinn almost certainly wasn’t the only Patriots fan to run the race, but the Boston Marathon is an international race so it’s quite likely there were some Falcons fans who saw this sign when running the race.

In their case, it gives new meaning to the term Heartbreak Hill.