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Terrelle Pryor makes it clear he wants to stick with the Browns

It’s not often fans hear anyone outside of Joe Thomas say they want to stick with the Cleveland Browns.

Terrelle Pryor, though, wants to stick with the team and help head coach Hue Jackson turn the franchise around—he said as much during an interview with Cleveland.com’s Mary Kay Cabot:

“I know this is an important month. But I do love being with the Browns and like I said before, this thing isn’t about joining a different team because a different team’s good.

“That’s not what it’s about. I love the building process here. I started out in my career never coming in the front door. I’ve always got to go in the back.”

Interestingly enough, that writeup noted Pryor’s agents have been instructed to make something happen and that he wants to remain with the team.

It’s a big boon for the Browns considering Pryor turned iffy quarterback play into 1,007 yards and four touchdowns, completing the transition from quarterback, a journey he started back in 2012.

Pryor would be one of the bigger names on the market at wideout behind Alshon Jeffery because it is easy to see the damage he could do in a stable situation. But the Browns don’t figure to let him get away, especially not after paying up to keep Jamie Collins already.

In other words, it is a bonus Pryor has gone public saying he wants to stay with the team. If anything, it helps remove the stigma around the team a bit.