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Terry Francona used Tom Brady reference to heckle Red Sox coach

The Indians recently battled the Red Sox in a possible AL Championship Series preview, in what was a pretty epic series at Fenway Park.

And Indians manager Terry Francona did whatever he could to try to help will his team to victory.

That includes heckling Red Sox coaches.

Francona reportedly had some fun with Sox third-base coach Brian Butterfield, knowing that the coach loves Tom Brady. Here’s what he had to say, according to WEEI’s John Tomase.

“How did the X-rays come out on Brady this morning?” Francona joked.

“You stop that. You’re not going to take me out of my game,” was how Butterfield responded, taking things to a more serious level.

We would’ve hoped for a better comeback from Butterfield, but he let us down. Francona clearly won that round.