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Tiger Woods shares funny story about becoming ‘Mac Daddy Santa’

The Internet nearly exploded when Tiger Woods became “Mac Daddy Santa” roughly one year ago.

Woods posted a funny photo of himself shirtless with his arms crossed, sporting a Santa Claus head of hair and goatee, with sunglasses on.

Apparently, becoming the Mac Daddy wasn’t as easy as it seemed, and inflicted pain on Woods, which he recently revealed in a PGA Tour interview.

“It’s the best,” Woods said. “Every year, I’ve become this character, ‘Mac Daddy Santa.’ The kids absolutely love it. They love when I do something crazy, and last year I burned my face off trying to dye my goatee, which is never going to happen again. You always want to see what I’m going to wear and to me, that’s fun. It provides something that our family does together each and every year, and even as they grow older, I’m still going to do it.”

Hopefully Woods was able to avoid the facial burns this year.