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Tim Tebow cut by Mets amid embarrassingly-low batting average

The Tim Tebow experiment looked good on paper, but it appears to have run its course.

Tebow was released by the Mets on Tuesday, and he was actually one of the first players to be cut. He’s now been sent down to minor league camp, which raises questions about if he’ll even want to keep going this route.

The college football season isn’t too far away, and Tebow could return to his job as a TV analyst. And while he wouldn’t be in the spotlight, it would pay a lot more than being in minor league camp would.

And, unlike his MLB career, he’d actually be good at it. Tebow hit .056 in Grapefruit League games, and that’s pretty awful.

It’s clear that Tebow can’t play at the major league level, so it will be interesting to see what he chooses to do next.