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Natalie Portman, Tina Fey mock raucous Patriots and Eagles fans on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Natalie Portman returned to “Saturday Night Live” and hosted the most recent episode of the hit show. Portman last hosted in 2006, but she showed no signs of rust, and did an amazing job, as you might imagine.

Sports fans were particularly interested in a sketch involving her, Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch (among others), which pertained to Super Bowl LII, and poked fun at Patriots and Eagles fans. In it, Portman and Dratch played the role of two Patriots fans, while Fey and others portrayed Eagles fans.

The sketch poked fun at both fan bases, and mocked the New England faithful for its cocky demeanor over the team’s recent success in Super Bowls. Dratch and Portman made sure to remind the audience that the Patriots have won five titles in its franchise history. As for Fey and the “delegation from Philadelphia,” they made it very clear that they were ready to fight. There was even a reference to punching a police horse (which an Eagles fan recently did outside Lincoln Financial Field after being ejected from the stadium). Fey and her crew also bragged about Wawa — a popular chain of gas stations that has its company headquarters located in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

See which fan base was able to boast the most in the video embedded below.

We’re going to score that one a tie — both the Eagles and Patriots “fans” were equally great.