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Tom Brady gives passionate speech at Patriots sendoff rally, drops mic

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady addressed the fans at Gillette Stadium one final time before departing for Minneapolis, and his words of wisdom seemed to really fire them up.

“I know we obviously can’t bring all of you to Minnesota with us, maybe some of you can come, but you guys are with us,” Brady said. “We know that. You know that. We all know that. Patriot Nation is stronger than ever. We got one more to go! We’re gonna try to go out and win it for you guys. And that’s all we got. We love you. Patriots out!”

Brady’s words were good, but the mic drop at the end of his speech was epic.

A few of Brady’s teammates spoke at the rally as well, but Rob Gronkowski did not, as he remains in concussion protocol. He won’t be speaking to the media at Super Bowl Opening Night, either.

As for the Patriots, shortly after Brady dropped the mic, the team departed on busses, headed for the airport, amid plenty of cheers from fans.

Brady already looks like he’s ready to play in the big game.