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Tom Brady’s missing Super Bowl jersey might not be missing after all

The saga of Tom Brady’s missing Super Bowl jersey—what some have predictably dubbed Jerseygate—keepers getting stranger.

Wednesday, the world found out the Houston police department has investigators working the case. A missing NFL jersey is serious business, apparently.

Thursday, though, sources who spoke with TMZ suggested what many already think—the jersey saga is nothing more than an accident:

TMZ Sports spoke with law enforcement sources involved in the search who tell us they are “hopeful” the jersey was put on a team equipment truck destined for Boston.

We’re told the truck was never thoroughly searched before it left NRG Stadium in Houston — and contains all sorts of team and player equipment.

It’s easy to think someone swiped Brady’s jersey for personal gain. The item would go for quite a bit of money. It’s not just a Super Bowl jersey worn by Brady, it is a Super Bowl jersey worn by Brady while he orchestrated the best comeback of all time in the first-ever Super Bowl overtime.

Alas, as linked reports have noted, reporters hadn’t even entered the locker room yet when the jersey went missing. That narrows the suspect list down quite a bit and officers have camera footage to analyze.

If the jersey was stolen and not simply lost, it’s bound to turn up eventually.