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Tom Coughlin says he’ll keep track of Jaguars in weight room

Perhaps it was a pep-rally-type cry at an event to get season-ticket holders excited, but new Jaguars vice president of football operations Tom Coughlin said that he’ll monitor Jaguars players in the weight room when offseason workouts begin.

“When the players report, I’m going to be in the weight room watching who the workers are on this team,” Coughlin said, according to Sam Kouvaris of WJXT via Pro Football Talk.

The collective bargaining agreement says that coaches aren’t allowed to be present at strength and conditioning sessions, but it doesn’t say anything about executives. Perhaps the only reason the 70-year-old Coughlin will be in the weight room with the players is because he’ll be getting his own workout in.

Coughlin routinely worked out early in the morning before his marathon workdays during the regular season, and according to USA Today he was still working out at the Giants facility last year even when he was no longer the coach.

Perhaps after the draft, the rookies will be drafted as spotters for Coughlin during his workouts.