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Tom Savage roasted for walking out of press conference

Texans quarterback Tom Savage clearly wasn’t interested in talking to reporters after Monday night’s 23-16 loss to the Ravens. So, he didn’t.

Savage could’ve just taken a passive approach at the podium — electing to give short answers to any questions they may have had, but he didn’t go that route. Instead, he entered the room, stood at the podium for roughly two seconds, and then just walked out, without fielding a single question.

Here’s what the entire sequence of events looked like.

Maybe Savage was unhappy with his two costly interceptions in the game — giving him five in his last three starts. Or, maybe it was past his bedtime. Whatever the reason, it didn’t take long for the memes and Twitter reactions to start rolling in.

Savage did later offer a few words to Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle, but it wasn’t much.

Media availability is part of what comes along with being a starting quarterback in the National Football League. Reporters have a job to do, and Savage needs to understand that.