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Tony Romo a distraction for Dak Prescott?

How the times can change in a matter of weeks—now Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo might see himself labeled as a distraction for the rookie who took his job.

Romo graciously handed over the starting job to Prescott in a press conference after the rookie led the Cowboys to the top of the NFC East while the starter recovered from an injury. His name has since come up in trade rumors involving the Denver Broncos.

Alas, some seem to think Romo will be a distraction for the rookie. NFL Network’s Michael Robinson suggested as much:

I just think that whether he wants to believe it or not, he will be a distraction to Dak. I mean at some point, Dak will go through the rookie issues, he will mess up. If Tony Romo was available in that Philadelphia game through three quarters of struggling, what would have happened? You know what I mean? To me with Tony not being dressed you don’t even put your coaches in that situation, but I get (Romo’s speech), he’s healthy this was his team. What happens when adversity comes?

It’s hard to get behind this line of thinking. Romo has already given Prescott his endorsement, so much so trade rumors as to where he’ll decide he wants to get traded to have popped up.

Because that’s where the Cowboys are at—Prescott is the starter, but Jerry Jones will do right by Romo by letting him ultimately decide where he gets traded.

If Prescott has a bad game or two, the Cowboys won’t suddenly backpedal and mess with the chemistry this surging team has built for more than half a season. The media will hype a potential controversy, but barring an injury, Romo will spend the rest of this year on the sideline thinking about where he plays next.

Prescott has proven to be anything but a typical rookie, so worries about a healthy Romo don’t seem likely.