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Tony Romo showcases basketball skills hooping with Mavericks players (Video)

The Tony Romo retirement tour has officially begun, but that doesn’t mean he’s just hunkering down and lounging around the house. In fact, far from it.

Romo is already segueing into his career as an analyst, and has also made sure to stay active while doing so. Being overweight or out of shape has never really been an issue for him, and we don’t see that becoming a thing now, just because he’s decided to step away from playing football at the NFL level.

A little known fact is that Romo is actually a great basketball player as well, and had he pursued that over football when he was younger, he might’ve made a career out of it. But when we look back at his career achievements at the NFL level, it’s safe to say he made the right decision.

Here he is in shootaround with the Mavs players on Tuesday. Check out that jumper — it was wet!

He donned a Mavs jersey as well.

Romo’s a great all-around athlete, and that’s really all there is to it.