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Travis Kelce blasts official for holding call late in game

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce wasn’t happy with the officiating late in Sunday’s 18-16 loss to the Chiefs, and he made sure to let reporters know about it.

The Chiefs appeared to tie the game late in the fourth quarter on a two-point conversion attempt, when Alex Smith found a wide-open Demetrius Harris in the end zone. However, Eric Fisher was called for holding on the play, which nullified the potential game-tying catch and also moved the Chiefs back 10 yards.

Kelce was furious about it, and did not hold back about how he felt in speaking to the media after the game.

“That was horses–t,” Kelce said.

He also added that the ref who called it “shouldn’t be able to wear a zebra’s jersey again,” and “shouldn’t even be able to work at Foot Locker.”

Kelce also implied that Harrison sold the call.

It’s rare that holding calls are made that late in games anyway, so Kelce does have a point. But Fisher did appear to hold James Harrison, who came flying off the edge and may have been able to affect Smith’s throw. Going by the book, it was a penalty, and Kelce has to accept that.