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Ty Lawson says nobody takes Kings’ shootarounds serious

The Sacramento Kings are 4-8 and players have already given interviews joking about shootarounds.

Let the DeMarcus Cousins trade rumors begin in earnest.

The culprit is Ty Lawson, who spoke with Sean Cunningham of ABC 10 in Sacramento:

For what it’s worth, Lawson is on his third team in as many years and on 28.1 minutes per game averages 5.4 points on 31.5 percent shooting from the field.

The quote speaks to the bigger issue with the Kings. There is no such thing as leadership in Sacramento. Cousins can’t stay out of trouble with the referees and trade rumors are a constant. Lawson hasn’t been able to stay out of trouble with the law. Rudy Gay clearly doesn’t want to be there. Matt Barnes was an odd veteran add to an already combustible situation. The front office keeps drafting centers when other areas need attention.

Something is just off in the culture around the Kings. Until that changes, quotes like this will pop up. For shame, too, because the organization had one of the best building blocks it could have ever asked for fall in its lap.

Now Cousins might not be around much longer.