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Tyreek Hill taunts Patriots en route to scoring 75-yard TD (VIDEO)

Tyreek Hill stuck it to the Patriots twice on the same play during Thursday night’s game.

Hill absolutely destroyed Patriots new cornerback Stephon Gilmore, probably leaving fans wondering why the team paid him big money (five-year, $65 million deal) in the offseason. The Chiefs speedy wideout left Gilmore in the dust, blowing by him and then catching a deep pass from Alex Smith (who supposedly can’t throw the deep ball, but obviously can quite well!).

He then took it 75 yards to the house, but on the way, he made sure to throw up a peace sign to the Patriots secondary. All Devin McCourty could do was watch him score.

Hill is a big fan of the peace sign, apparently.

That was Hill’s way of trolling the Patriots, telling them they were too slow to keep up with him, which is true. He’s one of the fastest players in the league.