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Tyron Woodley calls out fans for booing him at UFC 209 (VIDEO)

Tyron Woodley and Stephen Thompson battled it out in a rematch at UFC 209, and unfortunately, the bout wasn’t even half as entertaining as the first one was.

Thompson really clamped down and employed an even more defensive-minded style than he usually does to try to limit the ultra-aggressive Woodley’s effectiveness, which makes sense, but really wasn’t all that fun to watch.

And it didn’t help him win the fight, either.

Even though it was pretty even throughout, Woodley made a late surge and nearly did away with Thompson in the final seconds, but the final bell then sounded. It went to decision, and Woodley was declared the winner.

After the win, he was asked by FOX Sports about Thompson’s fighting style, which he called “annoying.” Woodley was also asked about the fans that booed him during the fight, and he challenged them to step in the ring and fight him if they have something to say.

For the record, I didn’t boo Woodley, and I sure as hell don’t want to fight him.