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Umpire CB Bucknor continues to be terrible, screws Nationals again

It’s now starting to look like umpire C.B. Bucknor has it out for the Nationals, because it’s hard to imagine that he’s this bad of an official.

After blowing a strike-3 call behind home plate on Tuesday, Bucknor went back to sucking less than 24 hours later, and made another ridiculous call that went against the Nats.

Bucknor was at third base on Wednesday, and he somehow ruled that Emilio Bonifacio caught this ball which came off the bat of Bryce Harper. Obviously, it was trapped, as everyone saw it bounce.

Everyone except Bucknor, that is, who ruled it a catch in the sixth inning.

The play was reviewed, and Bucknor was bailed out by the other officials, who overturned the bad call. But he’s really not having a great week, to say the least.