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Video of Markelle Fultz shooting free throws shows his form still needs work

It’s still currently unclear when the No. 1 overall pick in this year’s draft, Markelle Fultz, will suit up to play again, and doesn’t appear as if that will happen anytime soon.

Fultz has been recovering from a shoulder injury, which has had a negative impact on his shooting form. As such, Fultz has been working on his free-throw shooting, and judging by a video that surfaced on Wednesday, he still has some work to do. Fultz’s form looked forced, and was not fluid at all.

Sixers head coach Brett Brown made it clear earlier in the month that Fultz needs to work on improving his shot before he returns to the court.

“I think what he needs to be is able to shoot a basketball,” Brown said, via Kyle Neubeck of phillyvoice.com. “I don’t know what percent we’re going to apply that comment, but he needs to feel he can go and shoot a basketball. To just render it that the free throw is pretty good, and it is, and to only go that far without talking about some of the other pieces, is not what we are looking at, and I know he isn’t looking at that.”

The Sixers clearly don’t appear to be in a rush to get Fultz back on the court, and are smart to take a gradual approach as it relates to his recovery.