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Warriors cancel practice due to hangover from Stephen Curry’s 30th birthday party

Stephen Curry’s 30th birthday was the place to be in the Bay Area on Monday night, which was made clear from the videos that have since emerged.

The Warriors have lost back-to-back games, which isn’t something we normally see, so Curry’s party was a great way to lighten the mood and have the team come together, with the NBA Playoffs around the corner.

A number of celebrities were in attendance — including E-40, who performed live. Hayley Williams of Paramore also sang Happy Birthday to Steph. Curry even rolled up on a private yacht, like a boss.

And there was dancing — plenty of it — which you can see in this video.

Not only that, the Warriors players and coaches were so hungover they canceled Tuesday’s practice.

The Warriors host the Lakers on Wednesday night, so they could probably roll into that game without any practice at all and still cruise to a win by double digits.