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Was Allen Iverson drunk in odd interview at Sixers-Hornets game?

Allen Iverson was even more laid back than he usually is at Tuesday’s Sixers-Hornets game at Spectrum Center, which resulted in an interesting interview during the matchup.

Iverson, who lives in Charlotte, did an in-game interview with an NBC Sports Philadelphia reporter. It appeared that he was a bit intoxicated at the time, judging by what he had to say, and his slurred speech to begin the interview.

The former Sixers point guard was asked about the team’s performance on the court during the fourth quarter of the game, and he didn’t exactly provide an analytical take in answering the question.

“I love my guys,” Iverson said. “I love my lil dudes. They my lil guys. I love ’em.”

Iverson went on to say that the Sixers have “enough” to compete in the playoffs, and that they have the “best coach in the world,” which is interesting. Few would agree with him, but his confidence, however, is inspiring.

That particular exchange wasn’t as great as Iverson’s legendary “practice” rant, but it was still entertaining nonetheless.