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WATCH: Aaron Donald grabs penalty flag, throws it back at ref

Thursday night was a frustrating one for Rams players, coaches and fans.

Trailing the Seahawks 24-3 in the fourth quarter, it seemed like things couldn’t get much worse, and then they did. Seattle’s coaching staff trolled hard, dialing up a fake punt for a huge gain with roughly five minutes remaining in the game. This was an obvious troll job, after the Rams attempted one earlier in the divisional matchup, which failed miserably.

Just a few players after the Seahawks executed the fake punt, it seemed like frustration boiled over for some of the Rams defenders, Aaron Donald in particular. At the end of a play, while on the ground, Donald grabbed a penalty flag and threw it back in the direction of an official.

Obviously, Donald was penalized (unsportsmanlike conduct) for his actions.