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Watch Chargers punter Drew Kaser somehow miss kicking net on practice attempt

Chargers punter Drew Kaser is currently listed as the team’s backup kicker, and while he may have been the best possible option aside from Nick Novak, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s up to the task of draining a field goal during a game.

Novak exited Thursday’s game against the Cowboys with a back injury, which left the team unsure if it should forego field goals when in scoring range, or allow Kaser to attempt a kick.

It may have been a good decision by the team’s coaching staff to not allow Kaser to kick, even with the Chargers going for it on fourth-and-13 in Cowboys’ territory. The Chargers punter had never attempted a kick at the NFL or collegiate level, and couldn’t even hit the kicking net while warming up on the sideline in the second quarter of the game.

Novak later drained a field goal from 22 yards out to open the scoring in the game, but it was clear that the injury was affecting him. He later attempted an extra point in the third quarter, but shanked the kick wide left.