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Watch fan fail miserably on Cotton Bowl coin toss

Important events that can decide games should be left up to the officials, which was made clear before Friday’s Cotton Bowl between USC and Ohio State kicked off.

An elderly woman was given the task of flipping the coin at midfield before the game, and she really didn’t appear to be up for it. The woman didn’t even flip the coin at all — instead, she simply tossed it, and the coin barely even rotated.

The coin flip was ruled to be official, though, and Ohio State won the toss, but elected to kick.

And while it’s great to get fans involved during bowl games, it’s just hard to understand why the officials weren’t asked to flip the coin themselves, like usual. Football is a game of inches, and we never know what type of decision — even ones that may appear to be minor at first glance — can end up deciding a game.