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Watch Gregg Popovich try and outrun cameraman to expertly troll him

Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich can’t run from in-game interviews, even though it seems like that’s what he’d prefer to do in the situation, if given a choice.

But pregame stalks are fair game, and if Pop has a camera on him, there’s nothing in his contract that mandates he remain in the public’s eye.

So when he was caught on camera walking to the locker room before Game 3 of the team’s playoff series against the Grizzlies tipped off in Memphis, he just decided to take off running so he could “shake” the cameraman.

Pop thought the funny maneuver was clever, and so do we.

And yes, I saw it too. Pop not only seemed excited, but also smiled. That actually happened. He’s all business on the court, but once in awhile will show his “other side” and have some fun at another’s expense off it, like what happened on Thursday.