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WATCH: James Harden, Zaza Pachulia get into it

James Harden has been known to get under his opponents’ skin from time to time, and that’s what happened in the third quarter of Thursday night’s game.

Harden drove the lane and was challenged at the hoop by Kevin Durant. The Rockets star appeared to use his elbow to push his way to the hoop, which helped him score. Durant’s teammate Zaza Pachulia wasn’t happy about it, so he gave Harden a little elbow of his own as he went to inbound the ball.

The two then got in each other’s faces, but the heated altercation then came to an end as quickly as it started.

The play-by-play call nailed the exchange spot on: “Pachulia got his elbow stuck in the beard.”

A double-technical was called on the play, and that was the end of that.