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WATCH: Jim Harbaugh rips officials after Ohio State loss

Michigan Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh was furious at the officials both during Saturday’s game against Oho State, and after.

Harbz, though, had plenty of reason to be upset, as the Wolverines appeared to get a stop on fourth-and-one in double overtime, which would’ve ended the game. Instead, the officials ruled that J.T. Barrett picked up the first down, and on the play that followed, the Buckeyes scored a touchdown to win the game, 30-27.

The controversial ending did not sit well with Harbaugh, and he made sure to let everyone know during his postgame press conference.

“That wasn’t a first down,” he said. “I’m bitterly disappointed with the officiating today.”

The home team in college football games often gets the benefit of the doubt, especially for 50-50 calls. But Harbaugh is right, the officiating during the game was questionable at best, and the Wolverines got screwed on a few big calls, including the one that decided the game. They deserved to win.