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Watch Marshawn Lynch personally escort Aqib Talib off the field after being ejected

Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch kept his cool during Sunday’s fight involving his teammates and the Broncos players, and actually did a good job playing the role of peacemaker to help ease tensions between the teams.

Lynch was suspended for one game earlier in the season for running onto the field and making contact with an official during a fight between the Chiefs and Raiders, which led to some criticism for the Oakland running back. But on Sunday, rather than escalating tensions, he was seen trying to do the opposite.

A fight broke out on the sideline in the first quarter, which led to Aqib Talib getting ejected from the game for trading punches with Michael Crabtree (who was also ejected). The Broncos cornerback had to walk by the Raiders bench to get to the locker room, though, which was no easy task. Lynch tried to help him do just that, and was seen walking side-by-side with Talib, as if he were a personal escort for the Broncos cornerback.

Props to Lynch for helping make sure things went smoothly when Talib had to walk by the Raiders players and coaching staff.